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There is life beyond “order to cash” & “purchase to pay” and it is closer than you think.

Improve your operational performance with the most flexible Process Mining platform in the market.

Why Inverbis.

  • Powerful features without the unnecessary clutter
  • Dedicated team that will help with your project
  • Easy integration with multiple data sources through pre-built connectors
  • E2E process discovery over multiple systems trough our partnership with Denodo data virtualization
  • Easy to deploy and integrate with existing BI applications
  • Fast, clean and easy to use interface
  • Cost- effective and flexible pricing options

With Inverbis Process Mining you can…

Explore your process model.

Discover how your processes behave. Start with the most frequent execution and expand your view to incorporate all variants

Choose how many variants you want to aggregate and display frequencies and duration metrics. You will have  unprecedented insights into the actual performance of your process model.


Apply filters and create queries to analyze subsets of the data.

Filter by activity, specific days or hours, duration, and other attributes (people and equipment, machines, methods, materials, suppliers, environmental parameters…)

Answer questions like:

  • Are there significant differences between shifts?
  • Are there differences in performance between subsidiaries, sites, or regions?
  • How many times did we have to re-process an order between two given dates, and were the required quality controls passed?


Perform a deep dive with the variant browser.

Drill down into the detail of each execution sequence provided by the Variant Browser.

Identify outliers and extreme variants in the blink of an eye thanks to the contextual information panel and you will soon be discovering the secret life of the firm.


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Improve your processes

You will identify the different variants (ways in which the processes are executed) and their frequencies, durations, loops, and much more.


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