Value Stream Mining: the next step in process mining.


We analyze End 2 End processes

Value creation is not in the partial view of tasks and activities, but in your internal customer-supplier chain, from the time the raw material or customer demand is received until the promised product or service is delivered.

We obtain the digital footprint of your processes from the data contained in all your systems, not just your ERP

The information relevant to your processes is inevitably contained in more than one system or database: the challenge is to be able to select and structure it in order to analyze it in a simple, flexible and dynamic way. Don’t stop at the information in your ERP.


We uncover the hidden costs of your internal value chain and its

Automating what is already inefficient only makes it inefficient faster. Without analyzing and redesigning the activities, we will not realize the true potential of automation. Understand how the process is being executed first and then determine if if there is real value in automating it.