Value Stream Mining: the power of E2E process analysis.


What is Value Stream Mining?

  • Value Streams are sequences of activities that cross functions and organizational units to create valuable outcomes. At the limit they will encompass the whole of an organization’s value chain.
  • Value stream mapping is a technique used in lean management which creates representations or maps of a complete value chain providing an E2E view to optimize a companies’ value creation process.
  • At Inverbis we have embraced the value stream concept, and we believe that process mining can be a powerful tool to support value stream analysis. This is the origin of Value Stream Mining.

The power of E2E process analysis

We believe the analysis of E2E processes spanning a company’s value chain can give a wider perspective on where inefficiencies occur, that can be missed applying a narrower focus.

Our intention is to mine E2E processes to support a Value Stream Mapping approach, extending the PM paradigm beyond traditional O2C and P2P processes.

Value Stream Mining
End to end processes

The Data Challenge

This requires being able to seamlessly integrate data from a number of diverse systems that support the company’s operations.

To facilitate this, we have focused on creating connectors with leading data management vendors (denodo & TimeXtender) which allow us to compose processes using data from multiple diverse sources.