INVERBIS gets a 100k investment from VC firm UNIRISCO

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1 de October de 2021 Max < 1 min read

We are proud to announce that UNIRISCO has completed a €100k equity investment in InVerbis.

UNIRISCO is the first and oldest Spanish university venture capital firm. It was founded with the mission of supporting startups spinning off from school research with an array of financial instruments.

UNIRISCO was founded by the best Galician universities and some of the biggest corporations in Galicia such as Inditex, Abanca and R.

Inmaculada Rodríguez Cuervo, UNIRISCO’s CEO, said in a statement that “This alliance shows UNIRISCO’s commitment to boost the vast technological talent that dwells in Galicia and, particularly, artificial intelligence ventures. Moreover, this investment confirms the continuity of a project that started twenty years ago, pioneering the role of universities in providing seed capital and business acceleration”.

Since its foundation, UNIRISCO has the goal of supporting disruptive new companies born inside universities focused on solving actual market needs. “INVERBIS widely meets these criteria, and is a most valuable instance on how organizations with complex business processes can use artificial intelligence to thrive when facing digital transformation challenges”

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