Unlock the full potential of your data with TimeXtender and Inverbis


Why TimeXtender?

  • With TimeXtender, you can efficiently access and transform complex data required for process mining. It offers a Data Integration Tool, including a Data Lake and Modern Data Warehouse, which allows you to store and transform data from various sources.
  • By leveraging the TimeXtender connection, Inverbis can seamlessly load and mine selected processes, enabling you to extract valuable insights for process improvement, automation, compliance, and system implementation or migration projects.

Visualize your processes

  • By loading the processed information back into the TimeXtender Data Mart, you can access it with your preferred front-end or BI tool.
  • Imagine the possibilities of incorporating a process perspective into your dashboards, complementing your traditional KPIs and providing a holistic view of your organization’s performance.
Value Stream Mining

“By using a Data Integration Tool like TimeXtender, we can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to access and transform the data required to mine complex processes“. John Wallace, Head of Business Development. Inverbis.

End to end processes

Two birds with one stone

  • The Inverbis TimeXtender integrated solution can be purchased as a bundle. So as an added bonus, when you purchase the integrated solution for one single payment, you get all the functionalities that makes TimeXtender a leader in data management solutions.
  • Once implemented, you can use TimeXtender to start optimizing your analytics projects using the same underlying functionality and infrastructure that you use to manage your process mining data.
  • So whether you are considering Process Mining, but have a complex data environment, or you already have TimeXtender and you want to explore the possibilities of process mining, the integration between Inverbis and TimeXtender is a powerful and cost effective solution that can save you time and effort and improve the ROI of your transformation projects.

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