Value Stream Mining in a public hospital.

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reduction in the overall process duration


increase in the execution of certain tests (TAC)


increase in patients treated


Public hospital

Analysis of a surgical procedure for patients with heart disease

Our client was a public hospital interested in analyzing the processes involved when treating patients with heart disease.


To optimize the time that passes between diagnostic, performing the necessary tests, and the actual surgical procedure

One area of focus was to identify the impact that the different test equipment have in the overall duration of the process and find opportunities to reduce it.
Another focus was the comparison between regular and emergency cases, and understanding if the patients age has an impact too.


We learnt that traces that followed the process had an average duration 50% longer than those that did not

This suggested that there was an opportunity to redesign in the procedure to result in shorter lead times, but further investigation into the strict safety policies was needed
(At the time, only 20% of cases followed the standard process).
A later redesign based on the findings yielded positive results.