Inverbis 2.0 process mining software plaftorm is ready to go

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inverbis analytics
1 de October de 2021 Max 2 min read

We have just released our new version of the InVerbis process mining software platform, the cutting edge software to discover the actual execution of business operations

Lots of new features will increase analysis depth and the collection of insights:

A wide array of data filters will let the user understand process behavior from different perspectives (time, attributes, activities…)

You may also save your filter queries in order to go back to them in future sessions of analysis


Statistical information has been improved. Now you can compare data from the whole data set to the filtered traces and, at the same time, the data from the variant showcased in the interface.


A new loops analysis context. You may now check loops appearances linked to the variants in which they occurred.


Now, you can change the layout of the variants graph and watch it vertically or… horizontally.

Giving a try to process mining and reckon how much it can do for your business, it is free. Just sign up at INVERBIS, upload your data and go.


Trouble getting your data ready to mine? Ask us and we will help you out for free.


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