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“Powered by Process Mining:
Enhance the analytic capabilities
of your tools adding process mining features to your software”

In this white paper we discuss:

    • What is process mining and what value it can provide. 
    • How process mining data can enhance the analytic capabilities of your tools.
    • How a software vendor can incorporate a process perspective to their offering.
Powered by Process Mining : Enhance the analytic capabilities of your tools adding process mining features to your software

An untapped Opportunity

  • Vendors of corporate software and business intelligence solutions can now incorporate process mining as a way to extend the analytical capabilities of their SW.
  • Process mining has been extensively used to address two classic processes, Purchase to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C) generally supported by ERPs and CRMs. Analyzing and tracking these processes through process mining has allowed companies to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and improve the performance of their operations.
  • Unfortunately, until now, extracting and processing the necessary data easily has been restricted to very few tools. But there is an alternative.
  • Corporate applications vendors can leverage the deep understanding of their solutions and databases to customize a process mining solution, saving their customers hundreds of hours of integration that can be dedicated to improving their operations.
  • Inverbis provides the software, the technical support, and the right business model to allow ERP and other corporate solutions vendors to provide process mining capabilities to their customers without the large investment and implementation costs required to deploy a standalone solution.
  • But there is life beyond P2P and O2C. Solutions supporting these processes are not the only ones that can benefit from this approach. Any SW that heavily relies on process or workflows can benefit from incorporating process mining: Ticketing, Logistics, MES, etc.

So if you think that your offering and your clients can benefit from adding a process perspective to your solution,
why not talk to us?

John Wallace, Head of Sales – inverbis analytics