How Inverbis analytics process mining works

What will you find?

Start exploring your process model

Find out how your process behaves. Begin with the most frequent cases and expand your view to cover all data.

Choose how many variants you want to aggregate and review frequencies and several duration metrics. You will fully understand the complexity of your actual performance model.


Go deeper with the Variant Browser

Delve into the detail of each different execution sequence provided by the Variant Browser.

Quickly identify outliers and extreme variants in the blink of an eye thanks to the contextual information panel. This is the way to discover The Secret Life of the Firm.


No more Groundhog days

Inspect activity repetitions that cause delays and inefficiencies and learn the circumstances under which these happen.

For a single loop, Inverbis provides the aggregated model of all the cases it occurs in, providing the full context around it.


Apply filters and create queries to analyze subsets of the data

Filter by activity, specific days, hours, run time and other attributes linked to people and equipment, machines, methods, raw materials and suppliers, environment….

Answer questions such as:

  • Are there significant differences between shifts?
  • What difference in performance do we have between offices and delegations or territories?
  • How many times did we have to repeat an order between two dates, of a given promotion and in which quality control was not passed?

Measure your process

Access metrics about the most impactful elements in your process: variants, activities and transitions.

Export the data to your business intelligence tool and generate explanations of the insights found and periodic reports for any organization level.

In a few minutes you will have found problems, unexpected situations and deviations that were not apparent.


Discover the Secret Life of the Firm

Improve your operations, save costs and increase the efficiency of your processes with InVerbis

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Why inVerbis?

Know our history

We started researching process mining more than seven years ago, when it was just a promising technique. We are specialized and have created a platform that is agile, flexible and where you won’t have to pay cost overruns.


Meet our team

We have the best experts from the academic and professional world, a scientific council of experts and a network of partners that provide us with an overview and experience in different sectors.