Inverbis Analytics receives a €400,000 investment from Lugo Transforma

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12 de April de 2023 Max 2 min read

Inverbis Analytics, a process mining startup from the Centro de Investigación de Tecnologías Inteligentes at the University of Santiago de Compostela (CiTIUS – USC), has recently received a €400,000 investment from Lugo Transforma.

This investment will not only fuel the growth of the company but also contribute to the creation of qualified job opportunities in Lugo. The company specializes in process intelligence to streamline and transform its client’s operations. It applies process mining to available data from corporate systems to study how processes are executed and identify improvement opportunities. Its advanced, flexible, and easy to use technology aims to make process mining and process intelligence capabilities available to a broader segment of the market.

This has led to Inverbis obtaining an honorable mention in the first Gartner’s Magic Quadrant on process mining, and named as a “High Performer“ by G2. Lugo Transforma is a €13 million fund aimed at fostering innovation and growth in Lugo. It is supported by the Concello de Lugo and several local companies. The fund’s primary goal is to generate employment opportunities in Lugo, focusing on qualified and high-quality jobs.

Inverbis Analytics is the third company to join the Lugo Transforma project, following Inogando and Lex Digo. Lugo Transforma’s investment in Inverbis Analytics demonstrates its commitment to supporting innovative companies with the potential to create exciting opportunities in the region.

This investment marks an exciting new chapter for Inverbis Analytics and the city of Lugo. The company’s continued growth and expansion will not only help strengthen Lugo’s economy but also pave the way for a community of highly skilled professionals in the region. As Inverbis Analytics continues to scale its operations and broaden its global reach, the city of Lugo will strive to nurture a supportive ecosystem for its local businesses investing in education, infrastructure, and technology to attract top talent and promote sustainable growth.

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