New Strategic Alliance: inCentea, Inverbis, and A2AI join forces to improve business process management in the Iberian Peninsula

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Gonzalo Martín
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Lisbon, March 26, 2024

The inCentea Group, a benchmark in the development of technological management solutions, with a turnover of 22.9 million euros in 2023, announces a strategic partnership with Inverbis. This Spanish company, recognized for its innovation in process mining, along with the Portuguese consultancy A2AI, specialized in operational optimization, promise to revolutionize the management of business processes throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

This strategic collaboration aims to integrate Inverbis’ technological vanguard into inCentea’s diversified client portfolio, accelerating digital transformation and optimizing the efficiency of business processes. inCentea, with its solid presence in Portugal and Spain and a wide range of advanced management solutions, reaffirms its commitment to incorporate the latest technologies to better serve its clients. A2AI, with its innovative approach and experience in process mining, ensures a successful integration of Inverbis’ solutions, enriching various sectors of activity.

Process mining stands out for its ability to reveal the reality of business operations, minimize waste, ensure compliance with protocols, and improve overall performance through the analysis of existing IT data. This trilateral alliance allows inCentea’s clients to primarily benefit from Inverbis’ advanced analytical solutions, promoting a culture of continuous optimization and improvement with the support of A2AI.

João Antunes, inCentea’s administrator, reinforces the importance of this collaboration: “This union with Inverbis and A2AI marks a decisive moment in our journey to bring cutting-edge technology to our clients. It is a bold step in redefining operational efficiency, providing our clients in Portugal and Spain with a competitive edge in a constantly transforming market.

Specialized in the development of artificial intelligence solutions to deepen the understanding of business processes, Inverbis joins inCentea and A2AI in a common vision of propelling companies in Portugal and Spain to a higher level of competitiveness and operational excellence. Gonzalo Martin, CEO of Inverbis, adds: “This partnership reflects the essential synergy to trigger a significant transformation in process optimization. We are excited to embark on this journey together, motivated by a common commitment to innovation and excellence.


About inCentea

inCentea is a group of companies specializing in the implementation, integration, and support of information systems for management and IT infrastructures, with a strong presence in 8 markets, particularly in Portugal and Spain. With a team of trained, certified employees with technical and business skills, inCentea offers customized solutions to the business market that meet the specific needs of clients, promoting significant and continuous improvement in their business processes. The commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes it a credible and decisive partner for companies that want to succeed in the face of current and future challenges.

About Inverbis

Inverbis, based in Lugo, Spain, is a leader in process mining technology, offering cutting-edge solutions that enable the improvement of business processes through data analysis. Inverbis has an honorable mention in the first Gartner Magic Quadrant for Process Mining.

About A2AI

A2AI is a consulting firm based in Portugal, specializing in operational efficiency improvement across all Portuguese-speaking markets. With an innovative perspective and a strong commitment to excellence, A2AI plays a crucial role in implementing innovative business solutions.

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