Take healthcare management to the next level with Inverbis AI Clinics & Hospitals

Limited visibility into healthcare processes leads to rework and unexpected process issues, despite substantial spending on quality assurance.

Healthcare managers often lack the necessary data to consistently meet their KPIs and minimize undesired executions of their processes, leading to:

  • Delays and staffing issues
  • Unfulfilled patient expectations
  • Missed profitability targets
Performance Booster

Master healthcare management like never before with Inverbis AI Clinics & Hospitals

Align the performance of an entire organization with the overachievers

Close the gap between the current and expected performance

  • Choose a process. Begin by selecting a specific process within your organization that you want to optimize.
  • Detect Performance Gaps. Benchmark process execution to identify performance gaps between the top-performing individuals or units (overachievers) and  those that are falling behind. An analysis of this performance gap will serve as the foundation for understanding where improvements are needed.
  • Identify the path and set the speed for improvement. Identify improvement opportunities, and set the expectation for speed of progress. Create a customized plan to drive weaker areas to perform as well as the strongest ones.

Improve Staffing

Reduce delays

Improve KPIs

Inverbis AI Clinics & Hospitals​ is distributed as SaaS, public cloud or managed cloud



  • 1 process
  • Public cloud



  • 3 processes
  • Public cloud



  • 8 processes
  • Public cloud



  • 1 process
  • Managed cloud

Uncover the hidden value in your organization and improve KPIs beyond your expectations

Improve your operations, optimize costs, and increase the efficiency of your healthcare processes with Inverbis AI Clinics & Hospitals.

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Why inverbis healthcare?

Honorable Mention in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools


Named “EMEA Leader” by G2:

Named “High Performer” by G2:

Named “Best Support” by G2:

Meet our team

We have the best experts from the academic and professional world, a scientific council of experts and a network of partners that provide us with an overview and experience in different sectors.

Know our history

We started researching process mining more than seven years ago, when it was just a promising technique. We are specialized and have created a platform that is agile, flexible and where you won’t have to pay cost overruns.


Inverbis AI Clinics & Hospitals

Improve your operations, save costs and increase the efficiency of your healthcare processes with inverbis

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