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Our Story


InVerbis is born as part of an incubation and technology transfer from CiTIUS, the Research Center on Intelligent Technologies at the University of Santiago de Compostela. In 2012, the Center started a research on process mining techniques that led to an early software prototype in 2015. During 2016 . With the support of the Ignicia initiative from the Galician Innovation Agency (Xunta de Galicia), in 2019 the development and management teams that birthed InVerbis as a company were hired.

The Team

Gonzalo Martín


Javier Toja


Álvaro Porto

Backend Lead

Alejandro Ramos


Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Senén Barro
Full Professor @ USC

Head of CiTIUS – Singular Center on Research on Intelligent Technologies @ USC. Founding partner of Situm Technologies, in 2015. Ex-president at RedEmprendia. Founding and board member (2012) of the Spanish Association of Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurs. Spanish National Informatics Award 2020.

Prof. Alberto Bugarin
Full Professor @ USC

Has participated in 38 innovation and research projects and contracts, as principal investigator (PI) in 14 of them. As PI he has raised more than 800K € and as associate collaborator more than 5.2M €.

Dr. Manuel Lama

Dr. Manuel Lama
Senior Lecturer @ USC

Has participated in 16 research projects (7 as PI) and 15 innovation and development contracts (12 as PI). He has raised more than 1,1M €. He is a founding member of the spin-off IMAGAMES.

Dr. Manuel Mucientes

Dr. Manuel Mucientes
Senior Lecturer @ USC

Has participated in 15 research projects (as PI in 5 of them). He es currently PI at the project BAI4SOW (process mining and machine learning). He has also participated in 13 research contracts (in 10 of them as PI) and raised more than 1M €.

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