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Discover the real execution of your operations. Improve you efficiency with the most flexible Process Mining alternative in the market.

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Expectations Vs Reality in Process Mining

What holds up on paper
may not in real life

Our procedures are the ideal representation of a behavior we expect. We even plan what to do in the face of inefficiency when what we really want is to avoid it.

With InVerbis you will detect when and how many times operations go as desired, when they don’t and when the unexpected happens.

You will be able to measure its impact, analyze the root cause of deviations and control the improvement.


Because real business life gets in the way of perfect process design.

Mistakes that were not foreseen, tasks that are repeated and feedback loops, suppliers that make mistakes, or simply that the design was not right.

With process mining you will find out what is really going on.

We use all the real data from your systems, without samples.

We reconstruct and visualize the actual execution so that...

Variantes en Process Mining

You will find that, as opposed to what is predicted, the actual performance of your process model has hundreds of variants and is only executed as such a percentage of the time.

Variants are a parallel world where things happen in a way that was not foreseen. They are the Secret Life of the Firm, our target at InVerbis.

Real data, real life.

Find bottlenecks and loops

Why do tasks get stuck? You should go from A to B to C, but for some cause the process goes backwards on and on.

This cause can be found out thanks to the process mining analysis performed by InVerbis.

Bucles en Minería de Procesos

Identify the origins and root causes of inefficiency.

In times, costs, unwanted variants… But when you detect deviations you will want to go into further detail. Filter by shifts, suppliers, teams, hours… Incorporate into your data model all the variables that affect its execution and separate the results according to the depth of the analysis.

How does it work?

You already have the data to get started.

The records of your processes, the databases of your organization, the ERP, CRM or service desk applications you use contain the information that will help you understand the Secret Life of your firm. 

InVerbis reads the data and transforms it into flows that you can visualize and analyze. 

It’s that simple, that fast. 

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