Easy and flexible process mining

Discover, analyze, control improvements and decrease operational risks by extracting your business’ digital print.

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Inspect causes and activity sequences that deviate cost and time

Explore activity sequencies, frequent and infrequent cases of operations that generate hidden costs and procedure flaws, unnecessary reworks…

Automate successfully: Verify your company’s real activity objectively

The introduction of bots that replace worthless activities demands knowing what is actually being done and understanding any exceptions that occur.

Automatizar con éxito: Verifica objetivamente la actividad real de la organización​
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Risk analysis, without samples

Work with the whole data universe, generate real-time alerts and detect omissions and operational errors that can lead to responsibilities and regulatory risks.

Make the most out of your BPM solution

With InVerbis you can determine the fulfilment degree of what’s expected in your process model (BPM) and incorporate data from real executions in your simulation processes.

Extrae el máximo partido a tu solución BPM
Construye soluciones a medida para tu organización o servicio​

Build custom-made solutions for your company or service

InVerbis’s APIs and service structure allow you to develop custom-made integrations, dashboards and services using the power of process mining to complement certification services, predict the execution of activities and automate tasks.

Automated reports

InVerbis’s natural language generation (NLG) technology provides you with reports with commented results, ready to be included in any paper and a massive analysis of your organization’s processes.

Automatizar con éxito: Verifica objetivamente la actividad real de la organización

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