Do you want to know the truth behind the workflows you are running on EasyVista?

Your workflows in EasyVista are probably not running the way you designed them

– Even if you have the best designed workflows, that doesn’t mean they are being consistently followed.
– This often leads to longer lead times, higher costs, and poor user satisfaction.

Find out how EasyVista is being used in your company with Inverbis process mining

According to our research:

+40% of requests don’t follow the standard process
+30% of requests don’t meet the SLAs
FLR rates as low as 30% due to high numbers of escalations

Understand your processes like never before with one of the most flexible and easy to use process mining platforms in the market


Get a clear understanding of how your EasyVista workflows are performing in real life

Start saving time and money in your EasyVista workflows

  • Identify unnecessary or unjustified escalations.
  • Discover ping-pongs between departments.
  • Identify the root causes of low FCR/FLR and SLA breaches.
  • Find bottlenecks and unwanted returns within the workflows.
  • Evaluate compliance and quantify associated risks.


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Start analyzing your workflows with inverbis: You will identify the different variants (ways in which the processes are executed) and their frequencies, durations, loops, and much more.




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Start saving time and money in EasyVista with Inverbis

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