Value Stream Mining in air trafic control agency

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of executions deviated from the defined flows


of front-office incidents take 2 weeks or more to be resolved


are resolved at level 1


Air trafic control agency

Analysis of an ITSM process in EasyVista

Our client was an air traffic control agency, specifically their IT department.
We compared over 2 million incidents registered between 2014 and 2019.


We needed to find out if IT was being compliant

The objective was to understand the degree of compliance of the IT support processes with the expected flows as defined in the procedures manual
Analysis of incident and request management processes including variants and unexpected situations.


We found out a lot of redundancies and escalations

We found out an unexpectedly high number of escalations that were caused by the desire to avoid breaching the response time SLAs.

This also explained the low level of First Level Resolution (FLV)
Number of escalations had a direct impact in resolution times which were generally excessively long.

The large number of flows created in Easyvista, many of which were very similar, suggested a level of redundancy and inefficiency.